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Some things don't have to make sense, just be worth it

Renato Russo (Singer and composer)

1960 - 1996

See life from a new angle

09/30/2015 - Updated 04/30/2017

Learn to fly

Free flight is a fascinating sport and different from many others that you may be used to practicing. The fact of flying is already something intriguing and that for many years has challenged the minds of adventurers and scientists, in discovering ways on how to accomplish something so fantastic.

This is a sport that will make you see life from another angle, and it will certainly take you flying in places that were previously imaginable; You will have the opportunity to enjoy unique and pleasurable moments. You will make new friends who are “passionate about the sport” as much as you will become.

However, you should be very sure of this, as this is a sport that requires a lot of dedication and commitment on the part of those who decide to practice it.

It is not something that you will be able to do eventually and reluctantly, as an error can be fatal .... So think carefully before deciding to be part of this world; And if you are not willing to use part of your time for theoretical studies and the practice of sport with regularity and dedication, it is not worthwhile to enter this sport, as the positive results will only be seen if there is effort.

And even if you are married, talk well with your partner and explain very well what your dream and your ambitions are about free flight, and show how important this is for you, making it very clear that this sport will fill a space between you, but this cannot affect your relationship; The ideal for the couple to live the sport together, whether practicing or enjoying the moments together.

Enable free flight - CBVL Standard

One of the great achievements of the sport in recent years in Brazil, was the regulation and adaptation of rules and procedures that can guide and organize the commercial activities involved in the practice of free flight.

We are a family owned and operated business.

CBVL - Brazilian Confederation of Free Flight is today the most prestigious institution and organization of sport at national level. It is up to the institution to implement rules and procedures that raise safety levels and the interaction with other sports and aircraft involved in Brazilian airspace.

We are a family owned and operated business.

See below how to identify a pilot who is within the certifications and qualified, be he just as a sports pilot, which can be level 1 to 3; Or those with levels from 4 to 5 who are pilots with training and skills for panoramic double flights or in training for new pilots.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Remember it is highly recommended when doing a double flight or if you want to start practicing the sport, that you are always preferably a pilot qualified for this, as it is through this certification that guarantees your safety.

Carteira CBVL
Carteira CBVL
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